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SKF Honda CBR250R 2011-2016, 37mm Showa Fork Oil & Dust Seal, Green Single Leg

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This kit contains fork oil seal measuring 37x50x11 & fork dust wiper seal measuring 37x50.3x5.6


  • Please be aware this kit is to suit 1 leg only, for both front fork legs please purchase 2x kits.
  • The green fork seals are designed for use with road and off road applications.
  • An oil seal and a wiper seal to minimize contamination reaching the oil seal.
  • Specially developed NBR elastomer with lower friction characteristics.
  • New oil seal lip geometry specific to fork seals.


  • Increased life and performance
  • Enhanced water and dirt protection capability
  • Reduced and constant friction over the life of seal
  • Much improved ride comfort
  • Compatibility with a wide range of OE and aftermarket oils
  • Reduced wear and air suction


Bike Fitment:

  • Honda CBR250R 2011
  • Honda CBR250R 2012
  • Honda CBR250R 2013
  • Honda CBR250R 2014
  • Honda CBR250R 2015
  • Honda CBR250R 2016
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